Hampden Vet Clinic

Hampden Veterinary Clinic (HVC) has been operating in the beautiful surroundings of regional Victoria since 2009, offering companion animal, livestock, dairy and equine veterinary services.

HVC has been a customer of AVet Health since 2020, starting with using our Wagg & Purr companion animal range.

Following AVet Health acquisition of the Jurox intramammary range, HVC continued to recommend this to their clients, along with the wider elevet+ range.

How have AVet Health made a difference to the Hampden Veterinary Clinic?

As a proud regionally based clinic, HVC is a part of the local community with close ties to the dairy, livestock and equine industry.

Recommending the very best to HVC clients has always been a priority. Dr Xavier McKinnon is keen to support Australian products, "We have been partnering with AVet Health for over two years now, and it's great to be able to support local Australian businesses."

Having products available when needed is also very important for HVC's busy team as Dr Xavier explains, "Having access to the elevet+ intramammary products we need, when we need them, is essential, and the AVet Health team always make this happen for us. The team are always helpful and supportive of our needs."

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