Our brands and products are all created from the ground up, exclusively for Australian veterinarians. Our simple approach ensures we support you with value for your business whilst helping everyone recognise the significance of your work every day

We do this through our three vet-exclusive brands,

and all are available through your preferred wholesaler

Wagg& Purr, our companion animal, vet-exclusive brand, provides everything you need for straight-forward pet care


As the foundation of our portfolio, the range includes OTC and therapeutics, offering the perfect mix to keep the vibes happy for your pets and vets. It’s that simple

For our AVet Anaesthesia & Analgesia range, our goal is simple, to remove complexity from one of the most complex area of your job


The AVet range is uncomplicated; it provides you with what you want, and then we get out of your way

The newest addition to our portfolio is designed to be worthy of equine and production animal vets’ time


elevet+ is a brand dedicated to making a difference to large animal vets in helping their customers achieve optimum potential and health for horses and livestock