Evervet - Prahran

Evervet is one of Melbourne's leading independent groups of veterinary clinics.

The experienced team believe that all pets are part of the family, and everyone at Evervet is focused on honouring that relationship by providing the genuine care they deserve.

A big part of this care is ensuring they can see our clients regularly and build tailored preventative care plans for each pet.

How have AVet Health made a difference to Evervet?

Evervet switched to AVet's Wagg & Purr spot on range in 2021, making them one of the first clinics to benefit from our vet exclusive range.

A big driver for this switch came from seeing clients choose to buy parasite treatments online and through other channels. This resulted in poor compliance and, ultimately, not visiting their clinic as often as they should.

Evervet Managing Director, Dr Diana Barker says "Switching to the Wagg & Purr spot-on range has helped us retain more of our parasiticide business, at the same time as helping support our clinic compliance philosophy and all without compromising efficacy. We saw it as a ready made brand that would benefit everyone exclusively for us to sell to our clients".

Diana and her team have also seen a broader impact on their business "Since we started offering Wagg & Purr spot-on products, we have seen more of our client's are restocking, allowing us to check up on other areas regularly and, of course, build the client vet relationship.

So as well as the benefits of building our client relationships, we are enjoying the benefit of a boost to the bottom line through increased sales."

The success of the Wagg & Purr range for Evervet has also seen them support the growing prescription range from AVet Health.

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