We understand offering high quality products at great value will make both pets and their owners happy. By strengthening the veterinary-client-patient relationship and client loyalty, veterinary practices will also be more successful. At AVet we’re dedicated to helping veterinarians achieve even greater success in practice.

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We partner with vets to enhance the total health of their practice: from patient health outcomes to supporting the practice’s financial health.
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The AVet team is always working diligently to expand our comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions tailored for Aussie vets and pets.
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Wagg & Purr is our flagship brand offered exclusively to veterinary customers.

About Us

Aussie team, Aussie company.

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Our Mission

To help veterinary practices become more successful by creating and investing in engaging pet owner brands and solutions that meet the specific needs of clinics and their clients.

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Our Vision

To be loved by vet clinics and pet parents for simplicity and great value.

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Sanjiv Puri

Managing Director

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Tim Bateman

Chief Financial Officer

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Vivian Song

Chief Operating Officer

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Zoe Chrysopoulos

Head of Regulatory Affairs

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Paul Blanc

Commercial Manager

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Matt Scott

Marketing Manager

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Gavan Lim-Joon

Technology Manager



Introducing our flagship brand.

The Wagg & Purr range offers high quality, effective products comparable to market leaders, but EXCLUSIVE to vets.

Our launch range is designed to engage pet owners with simple, consumer-friendly packaging. The range supports vet clinics in their client discussions and solutions for parasites treatment and other therapeutic areas - thereby increasing loyalty to their practice and improving compliance to the recommendations of their vet.

Vets can confidently recommend the Wagg & Purr range, saving clients money and improving business performance without compromising on safety or efficacy.

Quite simply, we want to make more tails wag and cuddles purr!


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